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The Christmas Book

ISBN: 978-0-9896921-4-4

Relax a bit. Pull up a chair.

We have some Christmas stories to share.

There will be some which are too true;

You'll nod and smile like others do.

And there are some, sheer fantasy,

But nonetheless you'll think, "could be."

The bottom line, of course, is this—

There's nothing here you'll want to miss.

This book is meant to be a treat

That helps your Christmas be complete.

Laugh-out-loud moments and clever comebacks...funny and

profound. Johnson's GIs have some hilarious scenes.                            —Publisher’s Weekly

          A modern version of M*A*S*H and Catch 22 et al.

          Funny and crisp.     

                           —Ed Marohn, Windy City Reviews

Johnson has written an honest and entertaining book about

a subject that has not drawn a lot of attention: What were we up to in Korea during the Vietnam War? This interesting book

answers that question and does so with humor and clarity.                          —Books in Review, Vietnam Veterans

                             of America


         Packed with intense, powerful and dramatic scenes

         and moments that will have the reader smiling or

         laughing out loud.
                             —Readers Favorite

    Humor and believable characters...the author pulls 

    them together...9.25 out of 10!
                             —Publisher’s Weekly Booklife Prize in Fiction

               Great writing!
                           —Lt. Col. Harold G. Walker. USMC (Ret.)
The Grotto: Phu Bai

    Very well done and so much that is not verbalized

    comes through on many levels. I hope it is widely read.

                           —Marilyn Huntman Giese, Author, The Eye

                              of God and When the World Changed

The Militarized Zone: What Did You Do
in the Army, Grandpa?
Wayne E. Johnson

ISBN: 978-0-9896921-2-0

In the spirit of M*A*S*H and Good Morning, Vietnam, this predominantly humorous tale is told by Will Jensen, a twenty-three year old college grad, musician, and business owner, intent on getting
through life having a good time without bothering
others. In 1969 he’s drafted but determined to make his time in the military pleasant. His determination is tested at Eighth Army Headquarters in Seoul. Korea, where he experiences love and loss, joy and tragedy, and gets a true education about life.


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